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Richard Reyes - Clerk/Treasurer

Nakisha Garner - Deputy Clerk/Treasurer






  Welcome to the Town of Lingle. The Town of Lingle was incorporated September 7, 1918 and was named after H.D. Lingle. The Town of Lingle was largely built from the Railroad and Agriculture. Lingle is a "Small But Proud" community comprised of people who believe in rugged individuality, individual responsibility, are compassionate and have a strong sense of community. We are located between Torrington and Fort Laramie, in the heart of Goshen County, along the Oregon Trail. Town Hall is currently located at 220 Main Street.


















(Updated July 2022)

Town ordinances require the payment of a $350 deposit to begin residential utility service and a $500 deposit to begin commercial utility service.  Property owners residing in their own homes may have the deposit refunded after 12 months if timely payments have been made.  Renters are required to maintain a deposit as long as they rent.  Property owners of rental properties are also required to maintain a permanent deposit with the town.  We do not accept credit references in lieu of a deposit.

Electric charges are based on a monthly service fee of $15.50/$18.50/$26.50/$33.50 depending on type of service and then billed at 15 cents per kilowatt.  Meters are read around the 20th of each month and bills are mailed by the 25th of the month.

All other town utilities are charged at a flat monthly rate:

  • Water is charged at $30.00 residential and $35.00 business a month.
  • Sewer is charged at $18.00 residential and $24.00 business a month.
  • Garbage is charged at $27.00 residential and business rates based on dumpster size per month.
  • Garbage utility fuel surcharge is calculated and billed to all garbage utility customers as per Ordinance #362. 

Dumpster Etiquette – Only grass and leaves may be placed in the green dumpsters; all other allowable trash and yard waste goes in the brown dumpsters.  Non-acceptable waste such as asphalt, cement, metal pipes, rocks, sod, paints, tires, toxic chemicals and wood should not be placed in either dumpster.

Utility payments are due by the 10th of the following month.  Accounts not paid by the 20th of the following month are delinquent and will be assessed a late fee of 1.5% (of account balance) monthly.  All accounts left unpaid will be shut off at the end of the month.  Please call and make payment arrangements.  Accounts shutoff for nonpayment will also be charged a reconnect fee of $80 during normal business hours (M-F 7am-4pm) or $150 during other hours.



Dog tags are required for all dogs within city limits ($5.00 on neutered & spayed dogs - $7.50 on all others).  $75.00 kennel license for 4 or more dogs. Licenses must be renewed annually. 


Contact Us

Hours: Mon - Fri 7:00am to 4:00pm


Phone: 307-837-2422
Fax: 307-837-2148


Richard Reyes 

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer:
Nakisha Garner


View Utility Information




The next Council Meeting is 

September 6, 2023 At 6 PM in the

Community Center


Town of Lingle dump hours are 7am to 4 pm and closed on the weekends.  If you have items to put in the dump please contact Jeremy to unlock the gate for you.  Thank you.


Lingle residents are encouraged 

to attend Council meetings with

suggestions, questions, or concerns


 The price for bulk water is

10 cents per gallon



























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