Town Council has held three (3) Public Hearings for the restoration of the Legion Building and to purchase 237 Main St.  It has been unanimously agreed upon that 229 Main Street (Legion Building) is no longer salvageable and the building must come down.  Council unanimously agrees to purchase 237 Main Street at fair market value, and construct a new building at 229 Main Street.  The two buildings will then be joined together to form one Legion/Community Center building.  The Legion building is still available to rent for gatherings.

Our current timeline for this project:

1.  Benchmark Engineering is working on the preliminary design for the buildings.

2.  Clerk/Treasurer Michele Sussex is working on funding for the project, including multiple grants.

More information will be posted as is becomes available.

December 2017 - UPDATE

Small but Proud!!! Lingle moves one step closer!!!

Great news from Cheyenne. Yesterday Lingle presented their grant for their Community Center in front of the Wyoming Business Council, and was approved for $365 thousand. This is a HUGE WIN for the Town of Lingle as this project will make a giant impact on Main Street. We have had some hard workers on this project - our very own Mayor George, County Commissioner Wally Wolski, Bob Taylor of Benchmark and Cactus Covello who lobbied hard for us behind the scenes. If you run into these individuals anywhere, please be sure to give them a huge "Thank You", as they are well deserving of it. The next step in this process is a presentation in front of the State Land and Investment Board in January.

Keep your fingers crossed for all of us in Lingle!!!

Legion Info

Phone: 307-837-2422


Address: 229 Main Street