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Welcome to the Town of Lingle. The Town of Lingle was incorporated September 7, 1918 and was named after H.D. Lingle. The Town of Lingle was largely built from the Railroad and Agriculture. Lingle is a "Small But Proud" community comprised of people who believe in rugged individuality, individual responsibility, are compassionate and have a strong sense of community. We are located between Torrington and Fort Laramie, in the heart of Goshen County, along the Oregon Trail. Town Hall is currently located at 220 Main Street.


100 yr. LINGLE ANNIVERSARY - Lingle will be celebrating 100 years of being incorporated in September 2018.  We are looking for volunteers to be on a Planning Committee for events to celebrate the anniversary.  If you would like to be on the Planning Committee, please call Michele at Town Hall 307-837-2422, Kelly Greenwald at 307-837-2873 or Paula Newcomb at 307-241-0069.  Thank you.


Friday, December 22nd at 12:00 noon for CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY
Monday, December 25th for CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY
Tuesday, December 26th for CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY
Monday, January 1st for NEW YEAR'S HOLIDAY


Contact Us

Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00am to 5:00pm


Phone: 307-837-2422
Fax: 307-837-2148


Michele V. Sussex

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer:
Nakisha Garner


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Friday, Dec. 22nd at noon
Monday, Dec 25th
Tuesday, Dec 26th


Monday, Jan 1st